Getting Started

Parent Device Set-up


Before installing Ignore No More! on any device, it is important to back-up the device. A clean back-up will allow you to restore your device.


From the first parent's phone, download and install Ignore No More! from Amazon Appstore. Locate the Ignore No More! launch icon and click it.


If you have never created an Ignore No More! household account, click "Create Parent Account." If you have created an Ignore No More! account, enter your username/email and password, then click login. You only need 1 household account per family. Be sure to write down your household login information as you will use this account and it's login information to set up, control, and monitor all devices from your parent device.


Complete the "Create Account" form, be sure to enter a valid email account and an 8 or more character password. Once complete click "submit."


Congratulations, your first parent phone is set-up. Repeat steps 1-5 for any additional parents. Note, do not create a new household account. Login with your newly created household account.


Child Device Set-up


Now that all parent devices are set-up you are ready to install Ignore No More! on your children's devices. First install Ignore No More! and login with your household account username/email and password.


Next, select register this device as a "Child." When prompted enter the first and last name of the child whose device you are registering.


In order for Ignore No More! to control your child's device you must give Ignore No More! permission to be a device administrator. When prompted click "Activate." Now Ignore No More! can control your child's device remotely.


Congratulations, Ignore No More! is now installed on your child's device. Now from your parent device click the refresh button in the top action bar and you should see your child's device listed. There are a few additional steps required for your child to be able to call you when their device is locked. It is very IMPORTANT not to skip the last few steps.


Finally, navigate to "Contacts" on your child's device and launch it. Click on the "Groups" tab and find "ICE - emergency contacts." Now add contacts to that group. Any contact you add to "ICE - emergency contacts" will be available for your child to call when their device is locked. Repeat steps 6-10 for any additional child devices.

Don't see the "ICE - emergency contacts" group?

Most phones have built-in ICE support direct from the manufacturer so be sure to look carefully or consult your owner's manual. In the event that the device is not pre-configured for ICE, we have included a companion lockscreen widget. Click here and follow these instructions to use the Ignore No More! lockscreen widget.


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