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Mountaineer Technology Ventures is a technology firm based in Fulshear, TX that was founded in 2013 by a schoolteacher turned entrepreneur.

Originally from the great state of West Virginia, owner Sharon Standifird was inspired by the impact mobile technologies are making on our lives and established her business to help families and businesses use and manage their mobile devices in new and meaningful ways.

Mountaineer Technology Ventures was founded with a simple business plan focused on meeting the emerging demands of mobile device users by developing cutting-edge applications. The company mission statement is simple: Develop innovative technologies to improve the lives of mobile device users.

The company’s first mobile application Ignore No More! ® is a clever idea that aligns strongly with the mission statement. Ignore No More! is an app that helps parents to re-establish an open line of communication with their children and gives parents control back over their children’s phones. If children ignore repeated calls and text messages to reach them, with Ignore No More! Parents simply lock their children’s phones until they call you back. That means no calls to friends, no text, no games, notta’ until they communicate with you!

Applying a similar premise to business needs resulted in the License Lock Locate® app. License Lock Locate is an affordable, easy to use mobile application that can remotely locate, alarm, lock down and even wipe clean a mobile device. License Lock Locate provides an effective way for the Healthcare, Rental, Field Services and Retail industries to manage and secure their fleet of smartphones and tablets.

Challenged in 2014 with the rapid growth of the company, Mountaineer Technology Ventures took on business partners Andrew Huebner as Director of Operations; Jamey Webster as Director of Business Development and William Standifird as Director.

At Mountaineer Technology Ventures we are in a race to bring innovative technology to your home. We love what we do and we hope you do too

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